Workday Compensation: it’s the complete package.

                            Define compensation packages across your organisation using just one system. Compensation management software from Workday gives you the insight to create plans that attract and retain top talent around the globe.

                            Workday Compensation hero

                            View high-level stats on your merit process.

                            Ensure your organisation is paying for performance.

                            Access a global picture of compensation using internal and external data.

                            Incentivise any way you like.

                            • Align employee awards with business objectives and results.
                            • Define packages, plans, and programmes using data from Workday and the marketplace.
                            • Easily measure total pay and calculate merit, bonus, and stock requirements.
                            • Access contextual analytics to make better pay decisions.


                            A single dashboard to monitor pay.

                            Monitor pay equity across your organisation, and take action there and then if you notice a discrepancy.

                            • Measure pay across multiple factors, including location, performance, and job family.
                            • Track disparity using a mix of pay basis options, such as base pay and compa-ratio.

                            Handle country-specific regulations.

                            Manage your global workforce from an easy-to-use system.

                            • Set up flexible location profiles, currency options, and allowance plans.
                            • Gain insight into compensation adjustments with detailed audit reports.
                            • Provide global benefits options.
                            • Collaborate in real time during merit reviews to give managers visibility.

                            More insights. Fewer integrations.

                            • Use a single system to plan and manage your compensation.
                            • Gauge an employee’s total pay to make more-informed decisions.
                            • Manage job changes, ad hoc promotions, and more during compensation reviews.
                            • Enhance the merit review process with adjustable plan targets.


                            View total compensation at a glance.

                            With Workday Compensation, your employees can see their total rewards, including compensation and benefits.

                            • View total compensation on-demand.
                            • Display actual payroll data, including earnings, deductions, and pay components.
                            • Customise compensation statements using our flexible design.