Curriculum Management

                            A curriculum for success.

                            From course creation and scheduling to analysis and tracking, curriculum management software from Workday lets you do it all in a single system.

                            View projected course enrollment and take action based on demand.

                            See instructor availability by department in real time to better assign courses.

                            Workday Student Records and Curriculum Management
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                            Workday Student Overview
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                            Workday Student Portfolio Design Sprint with California College of the Arts
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                            Plan courses using just one system.

                            Workday Student, built for today’s campuses, lets you easily create, manage, and maintain courses using one easy-to-use curriculum management system.

                            • Assign registration appointments based on student cohorts.
                            • Allow cluster registration to support classes that must be taken together, such as lecture and lab.
                            • Schedule orientations or practical learning activities, such as study abroad or internships.

                            Support all types of learning models.

                            Today, there isn’t just one way to learn. Which is why we’ve designed our curriculum management system to support  learning models that work for your institution.

                            • Create fixed and date-driven academic calendars.
                            • Recognize internships, study abroad programs, and other student learning.
                            • Showcase projects, dissertations, tests, or other milestones on transcripts.
                            • Schedule course assessments outside of course meeting times.

                            Help your students show off their skills.

                            Identify the skills your students gained from a particular course, activity, or achievement.

                            • Link learning outcomes to courses and have them meet program requirements.
                            • Show what students can do in a measurable way.
                            • Allow students to demonstrate their capabilities with potential employers.